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We reject kings, presidents, and voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code. -- David Clark 1992


Welcome to I work as a Systems Engineer for the Allen Institute, operate as a moderator for the LinkedIn Protocol & Analysis Trouble-shooting Group, and have been tottering about the IT support space for several decades. I use this Web site to host the Netops Toolkit, educational material I've developed, and musings around IT, society, and the world in general.

Applications explores application behavior, particularly around performance and pathology.

Experts lists the experts whom I consult for education and sanity checks.

Network Management contains links to code which I use for managing network devices: configuration as well as trending, trapping, and polling approaches to fault detection (Netops Toolkit).

Maps describes how I visualize OSI Layers 1-7 in an enterprise network.

OS includes pointers to operating system specific links.

Packet contains links to documents which describe how I visualize packets traversing a switched/routed Ethernet environment, along with network analysis case studies.

Problem Management hosts my understanding of this ITIL function, with particular focus on Root Cause Analysis.

Philosophy contains links sketching how I think about IT, the office, and human society writ large.

SAN hosts my understanding of Storage Area Networking.

Seminars contains descriptions of the seminars I offer at IT conferences, the decks I use to facilitate these classes, and homework I prescribe to attendees for completion in the weeks prior to attending.

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Stuart Kendrick

Last modified: 2016-03-27