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Brad Jordan

Æleen Frisch

Garth Brown

Nathan Clark

Chris Dagdigian

Jacob Farmer

Chris Greer

Howard Goldstein

Mark Minasi

Joel Snyder

Paul Offord

Mike Pennachi


Peter Welcher

Neal Whitten


These are experts whom we bring on-site for consulting and education. They have rattled my thinking, helping me to make the box in which I live a little bigger.

Brad Jordan of Advanced Technology Partners influences our Internet routing design.

Æleen Frisch, the author of Essential System Administration, trains sys admins, employing both hands-on and seminar-based styles.

Garth Brown of Semaphore provides us with network design and trouble-shooting services; in addition to being technically savvy and broad, he is skilled at explaining what he knows.

Chris Dagdigian of BioTeam talks fast and carries a big slide deck -- hold on. A scientist, open source advocate, and tech weenie, Chris offerrs both breadth and depth in assessing life science IT needs and developing strategies and recommendations for meeting those needs.

Jacob Farmer of Cambridge Computer analyzes and explains storage projects and issues in ways which suit my need for rigor and breadth.

Howard Goldstein style suits me -- entertaining, engaging, subtle -- and his ability to go both broad and deep in storage subjects earns his place on this list.

Chris Greer of Packet Pioneer teaches trouble-shooting skills, the use of specific tools, like Wireshark, for analyzing client/server issues, and also provides critical problem resolution services, both remotely and on-site.

Mark Minasi figures out what is useful to know, as a sys admin, about Windows and then translates that into lively and informative seminars and books; we bring Mark on-site every year or two to keep us updated on the evolution of Microsoft's operating system.

Paul Offord of Advance7evolves the Rapid Problem Resolution methodology, as part of his efforts to contribute to Root Cause Analysis in particular and ITIL Problem Management in general.

Joel Snyder of Opus One places security in the larger context, offering the kind of broad view which I find useful when discussing this subject.

Mike Pennachi of Network Protocol Specialists teaches trouble-shooting skills -- historically, we have brought him on-site every month or so as part of an on-going 'network analysis coaching' program, in which we focus on client/server interactions in a networked environment. And when we are stumped by a complex problem with a tight schedule for resolution, we hire Mike to identify the root cause.

Nathan Clark of Northpoint Consulting specializes in network consulting. We employ him to support and educate us regarding our voice environment.

PointB has provided us with a number of effective and skilled consultants over the years, notably Matt Chadsey, who introduced me to Getting Things Done.

Peter Welcher of Chesapeake NetCraftsmen works as a network architect and trouble-shooter; his ability to distill his expertise into principles has helped me to understand how to build reliable systems.

Neal Whitten of the The Neal Whitten Group, specializing in project management, has helped me to develop professionally.

Last modified: 2017-04-28