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Musings on Hierarchical Network Design

Network Design in Data Centers

VDOPS Culture

Next Gen DC

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Next Gen DC Selections

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These links contain sanitized versions of internal documents I've produced discussing architecture.


Architecture in Action: Guiding principles for designing IT solutions at a distributed, grant-funded research institution.

Musings on Hierarchical Network Design: Insights I've developed around how to trade simplicity and robustness for campus Ethernet/IP networks.

Network Design in Data Centers: Insights into designing small data centers at research institutes.

VDOPS Culture: I propose that corporate culture has a lot to do with how one designs IT environments.

Next Generation Data Center Design

I coordinated an internal effort to design our next data center, go live in Q3 2012, herding a flock of fractious IT techs through a consensus process of identifying, analyzing, and making key choices.

Next Gen DC: The guiding document, developed during 2010-2011.

Next Gen DC Choices for Leadership: Where we were unable to achieve consensus, we asked management to pick for us.

Next Gen DC Selections: Our management made their selections.

Summary Next Gen DC Choices: Supporting document to help management make their selections.

Last modified: 2017-04-28